SAEITC Standards and the Technical Standards Committee

The SAEITC standards suite closely mirrors that of SAE International. The first standards were generated around the time of the First World War to provide commonality of parts for the various military aircraft being produced at that time, in the UK. There is also an inclusive parts qualification program which is widely recognized throughout the aerospace industry internationally. Numerous ADS standard parts are called up on current Rolls-Royce Aero Engines and the lift fan assembly on F35. The supporting technical committee comprises 13 members from UK based aerospace companies and the UK MoD but is open to other interested members.

The total number of ex-ADS standards and technical specifications available to industry is 3258 of which approximately 450 are considered to be 'active', the remainder are widely referenced on legacy aircraft. There are currently 123 certificates of qualification covering 31 companies located in the UK and elsewhere.

These Standards are produced by the SAE ITC with the assistance of, and for the benefit of the Aerospace Industry as part of a continuous program of Standardization for Aerospace application under the control of the Technical Standards Committee(TSC) of the SAEITC.

SAE ITC Standards are published as part of the series of SAE ITC Aerospace Industry Standards, and where appropriate, additional manufacturing and inspection requirements are issued as Reference Sheets (RS) or Technical Specifications (TS). It is the responsibility of those using or specifying a Standard to ensure that the product, process or manufacturer so used or specified is appropriate for the task or role in question. The SAE ITC wishes to draw special attention to the fact that Technical Specifications (TS) include testing and procedures by which a user or Design Authority can establish whether a particular manufacturer, prima facie, has the capability to produce hardware in accordance with the appropriate standards and related specifications.

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