Completion & Overview of SAE ITC Qualification Forms

The completion of Qual Forms 1 to 4 is generally self-explanatory. However, it is recommended that the applicant is familiar with the contents of Technical Specification TS202 - Qualification Test Requirements for Aerospace Standard Parts. Any questions should be addressed to SAE ITC Technical Standards Committee (TSC). At least 3 calendar months should be allowed for the TSC to consider all Qual Forms.

QUAL FORM 1 (Application)
To be completed to apply for Certification of Standard Aerospace Products. All sections must be completed and are self-explanatory. The reference number at the top right corner should be obtained from the register held by SAE ITC prior to submission.

QUAL FORM 2 (Summary)
This form is used after completion of the qualification activity by the SAE ITC appointed Mandated Body. It is then submitted to the TSC for approval. Following acceptance the form will be signed by a TSC member and returned to the manufacturer.

QUAL FORM 3 (Manufacturing Change Request)
A manufacturing change request form (MCR) is used to notify the TSC of a proposed change to a manufacturing route or process. An MCR number shall be obtained from SAE ITC prior to submission of the form. The applicant should be familiar with the contents of Technical Specification TS201 Method Change Approval for Qualified Parts.

QUAL FORM 4 (Application for Certificate Renewal)
This form shall be used to request renewal of an SAE ITC TSSC qualification certificate. Application should be made at least three months prior to the certificate expiry date. Please ensure that all details are completed

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